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Bio : Jason Kabuki aka (Operator) has been creating deep and soulful house music for over 2 decades. He performs a sweet mix of deep and soulful music and compliments it with new forward thinking grooves, always at the cutting edge as he plays to a sophisticated and intimate audience globally. His many London residencies have included the iconic Legends (China White) The Gas Club, Fabric, The Arches, London Astoria, Matter at the O2 and Ministry of sound to name just a few, Entertaining audiences from luxury lounges to East End warehouse parties he creates his selection of deep house music for the listening connoisseurs. Since 1988 Jason has been involved with electronic music, this was a special time being part of the creation - the music revolution! His productions span many different genres from acid to garage and deep house, with production like The Sensory depths of perception and Things are never have been featured on BBC Radio One, house tracks with a conscience!" - Pete Tong. Performing in London for many years had given Jason the inspiration to help create the Speed Garage phenomena, shifting the pitch was the cue, playing US house and UK garage from the 1990s as DJ Operator. Lately Jason's futuristic Lounge performances gather the people's spirits toward a positive source; this creates a hypnotic and harmonious mix that leaves guests bursting with emotion! Feeling an different experience that the guests wouldn't usually hear... A DJ and radio presenter from the early days, pirate radio to guests slots on Kiss 100, this gave Jason the breaks he needed to air his personal sound. After building giant antenna's on the city tower blocks all over London the Pirates this gave Jason the tag name (Operator) back in 1990. He progressed through his late teens, he wrecked his parents record players and tape decks eagerly producing early mash-ups, Detroit techno and acid house mixes for his friends on the local housing estates. To date his sound has developed tenfold with productions for several compilation albums globally and music deals with XL, Locked on, Satellite and BMG recordings. Creative Music For Open Spaces..
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