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Bio : ok ok.... hear me out for a second... SO today I had this thought: There is no objective right or wrong when it comes to art. Unlike an accountant completing the math equation 2 + 2 = 4 (certainly correct), an artist does not know how the public will receive their innovative equation (ugly? beautiful?). And this uncertainty naturally affects a human beings confidence and self-worth in everyday life Whats more maddening is that for every person who calls an artistic creation ugly, theres another person who will call it beautiful. For every person who says a concept is stupid, theres another who will perceive it as groundbreaking. For every person who is bored, theres another who is entertained. No wonder (well-meaning) people in your life have tried to talk you out of pursuing music! You have to be comfortable getting credited for work someone will inevitably dislike That is the nature of professional art, and that is the nature of creative business: It prevents many hobbyists from evolving into professionals Its the feeling that were not good enough. Its the feeling that someone else knows what theyre doing. Its the feeling that criticism is just too painful. But the person who we think isnt an impostor the person who is good enough, knows what theyre doing, and doesnt mind criticism is also sometimes paralyzed by their own potential shortcomings and looking to someone else as the real deal. The root of impostor syndrome in creative business is the false belief that your art is not worth money because someone might not like it. And the quality that separates a recreational artist from a professional artist is that the professional feels worthy of getting paid for subjective work. They know their music is not going to please everyone and they know they deserve to be recognised ($$$$ paid $$$$), simply because of their high level of thought and care for their work & creations 2 steps any artists must practice to achieve confidence: Step #1: Trust that the people who dont like your work dont matter. Because, ultimately, fixating on criticism doesnt help you grow. Only the momentum you get from doing great work does that. Step #2: Embrace the value you produce If youre too self-critical youll get stuck. At the same time.. If you never find aspects to improve youre probably not that interested in growing anyway....
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